Dying woman whose wish was to save her 3 dogs dies without finding homes

When a woman from Chattanooga, Tennessee with terminal pancreatic cancer was told she Bethesda Md Homes for Sale only had five weeks to live, she knew she had to find loving homes for Home for sale bethesda md her three rescue dogs and her cat. Sadly Anne Wild died sooner than expected, and her dogs have not been placed in new homes, reports NewsChannel9.

When Anne decided to stop all treatments, she knew it was time to make arrangements for her best friends."I told them I would love them and take care of them until they died. And now I'm dying," Wild stated through tears. Linda Dumers, Anne's neighbor and closest friend agreed to take her cat, but was unable to take the dogs. For now, however Linda is caring for the dogs, but cannot keep them, and sadly their futures are uncertain. Despite all the offers that came through when Anne asked social media for help, none of the offers ever panned out.

As to the dogs in dire need of new homes are: Lilly, a small female Homes for sale bethesda maryland Dachshund and Labrador mix, Peach i a female Sharpei and Labrador mix, and Home for sale bethesda md Bugsy, a male German shepherd. Wild adopted Bugsy after Bethesda MD his former owners cut off his tail, an ear, and poured hot oil on him, searing his skin. The dogs are all estimated to be about six years of age. If Homes for sale in bethesda md no one stepped up that Anne thought she could trust, she stated she would have the dogs euthanized and buried with her. Read the previous story here.

If you're interested in helping these dogs, please call Linda Dumers at (423)-463-9637.

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