Ottawa Valley Autistic Homes closed by Ontario.

OTTAWA -- Ottawa Valley Autistic Homes were moved out of theirgroup accommodations yesterday morning, following an Ontario governmentorder Home Bethesda MD for sale bethesda md to shut down the agency.

The 28 residents were directed to Homes for sale bethesda md other community agencies to find new accommodations. Some of the residents had lived in OVAH group homes for more than 20 years. In April, the Ontario Ministry of Community, Family, and Children's Services announced it would close the six group homes by the end of September, saying the agency was unable to manage its finances.

The agency was $750,000 in debt. Board members had Home for sale bethesda md all resigned blaming the Ontario government for its financial problem. The province appointed an interim board to supervise the shutdown.

The staff was ordered out early one morning by a private security agency and incoming staff were blocked from entering.

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